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The website SZCZEPIENIA.INFO was created in October 2007 as a collaborative initiative of the National Institute of Public Health (PZH) and the Polish Vaccinological Society. The mission of the website is provision of up to date, reliable information on vaccines, immunization, and vaccine safety. Its creation was supported by the European Commission DG SANCO – project 2005212 (Vaccine Safety – Attitudes, Training and Communication – VACSATC).

The website SZCZEPIENIA.INFO includes concise information on vaccines registered in Poland, and general information on immunization. All texts are prepared by renowned experts in Peadiatrics, Infectious Diseases, Vaccinology, and Public Health. It is updated with answers to questions asked by readers. The audience of the website are general public, parents and health-care profesionals. The English version includes background information on infectious diseases in Poland and vaccines recommended for persons travelling to Poland.

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Last updated: 25 August 2017

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